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A turbocharger (short for turbine driven supercharger) is an exhaust gas driven forced induction supercharger used in internal combustion engines. This differentiates it from a normal supercharger (or blower) which uses a prime mover to power the compression device.

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Working principle

A turbocharger consists of a turbine and a compressor linked by a shared axle. The turbine inlet receives exhaust gases from the engine exhaust manifold causing the turbine wheel to rotate. This rotation drives the compressor, compressing ambient air and delivering it to the air intake of the engine; this allows more fuel to enter the cylinder because the air is compressed.

The objective of a turbocharger is the same as a normal supercharger; to improve upon the size-to-output efficiency of an engine by solving one of its cardinal limitations. A naturally aspirated automobile engine uses only the downward stroke of a piston to create an area of low pressure in order to draw air into the cylinder. Because the number of air and fuel molecules determine the potential energy available to force the piston down on the combustion stroke, and because of the relatively constant pressure of the atmosphere, there ultimately will be a limit to the amount of air and consequently fuel filling the combustion chamber. This ability to fill the cylinder with air is its volumetric efficiency. Because the turbocharger increases the pressure at the point where air is entering the cylinder, and the amount of air brought into the cylinder is largely a function of time and pressure, more air will be drawn in as the pressure increases. The additional air makes it possible to add more fuel, increasing the output of the engine. Also, the intake pressure can be controlled by a wastegate, which bleeds off excess boost from the turbocharger.

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