Aston Martin Le Mans Turbo Sound Exhaust Whistler

Perhaps the best way to know of Aston Martin’s many accolades is its definite association with the prestigious Le Mans racing circuit.

As a mainstay in the world’s oldest endurance race, Aston Martin has managed to garner several outstanding achievements in the Le Mans circuit.

Aston-Martin-Le-Mans turbo

Impressive V12 Engine Contribution

Perhaps the best contribution that Aston Martin has given for the Le Mans race festivities is the creation of an impressive V12 engine.

As one of the main components of Le Mans Prototype racers, drivers and fans alike can only expect the best and fastest speeds out of these prototypes.

Aston Martin Racing Achievements

Aston Martin has also won several impressive marks during Le Mans races. It’s first ever win, during the year 2005, edged out the also-impressive Corvette Racing team for the win.

Additionally, during the 2009 Le Mans season, Aston Martin garnered a winning sweep – proof that this car brand definitely means business when it comes to endurance races!

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