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Turbo Whistler

Make your car sound like it is turbocharged with our Turbo Whistler.

Turn any car into a turbocharged sounding car!

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turbo whistler

What cars does the Turbo Exhaust Whistler work with?

Our Turbo Sound Exhaust Whistler works with ALL cars and installs in just seconds!

What is included with your Turbo Sound Exhaust Whistler?

Each purchase of our Turbo Whistler comes with:

1x Whistle

1x Screw

1x Mini Tool

How does the Turbo Sound Exhaust Whistler work?

The setup is super easy, you just place the Turbo Exhaust Whistler in the exhaust of any car, use the mini tool included to tighten up the screw, and you’re ready to go!

Turbo Exhaust Whistler Installation:
Loosen the bolt on the Turbo Whistler.
Insert the Turbo Whistler into the tailpipe.
Tighten the bolt so as not to fall off while driving.

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